Nuevos recursos en UNIKA

Se han añadio a Unika los siguientes recursos:

    • World History In Context (Gale Cengage Learning): World History in Context reaches back to ancient times – and extends to today’s headlines – to deliver a chronicle of cultures and societies across continents and eras. Rare primary sources, reliable reference and multimedia put content into context for every researcher.
    • U.S. History In Context (Gale Cengage Learning): U.S. History in Context provides a complete overview of U.S. history that covers the most-studied events, issues, and current information— from the arrival of Vikings in North America to the Civil Rights movement, and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.
    • Student Resources In Context (Gale Cengage Learning): Student Resources in Context provides holistic topic perspectives by integrating a multitude of content such as reference articles from acclaimed publications like American Decades and periodical and newspaper articles from publications like The New York Times and USA Today.
    • Science In Context (Gale Cengage Learning): Science in Context features authoritative information for assignments and projects, and provides detailed coverage of popular subjects.  Science in Context focuses on key concepts – including Environmental Monitoring, Science Ethics, Quantum Mechanics and Genetic Engineering.
    • Biography In Context (Gale Cengage Learning): Biography in Context brings researches face to face with their subjects via video, audio clips, and images of yesterday and today’s most studied figures.  Built on a foundation of authoritative biographies spanning centuries and continents makes this product an ideal resource for literature, history, and other academic disciplines.


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