Nuevas revistas-e de Filosofía y Letras

Se han incluido en Sabio las siguientes revistas electrónicas:

Conimbriga: Revista de Arqueologia

CyberGeo: European Journal of Geography: the bilingual journal Cybergeo is the first open access journal in social sciences. Created with the aim of encouraging the exchange of ideas, methods and results, it publishes in any european language. It deals with the entire range of geographical concerns and interests, with no preferences for any particular school or theme. A high scientific standard is ensured by submitting articles to an international committee of readers.

L’Analisi linguistica e letteraria: è una rivista internazionale di linguistica e letteratura peer reviewed. Ha una prospettiva sia sincronica che diacronica e accoglie ricerche di natura teorica e applicata. Seguendo un orientamento spiccatamente interdisciplinare, si propone di approfondire la comprensione dei processi di analisi testuale in ambito letterario come anche in ambito linguistico.

Nuevo mundo – mundos nuevos: is a journal devoted to the Americas in the fields of history and the social sciences. It favours comparative perspectives and covers all periods. The journal accepts original articles by scholarly specialists of the Americas. It also hosts a wealth of material useful to the constitution of a scientific heritage devoted to the study of the Americas and is a logical part of the “digital humanities” field. Contributions are published in four languages: Spanish, French, Portuguese and English.

Respectus Philologicus: is a professional, open access double blind peer-reviewed bi-annual international journal that aims to involve scholars from around the world. The journal provides a platform for different theoretical and thematic approaches to the following humanitarian research fields: linguistic researches, issues of literary narratives and contexts, influence of advertising discourse, theory and practice of translation, audiovisual research.



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