Nuevas revistas-e de Económicas

Se han incluido en Sabio las siguientes revistas electrónicas:

Studies in Microeconomics: seeks high quality, analytically rigorous papers in all areas of Microeconomics: theoretical as well as applied (or empirical) research. All manuscripts will be subjected to a peer-review process. Topics include (but are by no means restricted to): rational choice and individual decision making, consumer choice, producer choice, choice under uncertainty, migration decisions, firm level studies, game theory (cooperative, non-cooperative, static and dynamic), market equilibrium, market failure (imperfect competition, public goods and externalities), information economics, general equilibrium, social choice, welfare economics and mechanism design, labour market, social sector (education, health, gender) issues. We welcome submissions in all traditional fields of Microeconomics as well as the emerging new areas such as the fields of experimental economics, and behavioral economics. In addition, theoretical or empirical or applied research in industrial organization and public economics that uses a microeconomic framework is very much within the scope of the journal.

Studies and Scientific Researches : Economics Edition: is dedicated to supporting and encouraging the publication of high quality scientific articles in economics and business, being a platform where researchers in the field, but also in related fields can exhibit their valuable work. Journal focus is on the use and development of ideas, principles and tools especially in areas such as economics, international business, accounting, statistics, marketing and management, but not being restrictive in its editorial policy.

Business Venezuela

Brazilian Review of Econometrics: is the journal of the Brazilian Econometric Society (Sociedade Brasileira de Econometria) and publishes original articles that apply rigorous thinking and quantitative methods to economic problems. BRE has published in all branches of economics, theoretical and empirical, abstract and applied, since 1981and has a long reputation as being the outlet for the most important articles in applied theory and econometrics from members of the Brazilian scientific community. BRE has gradually become more internationalized and currently publishes in English papers from scholars based around the globe and counts with referees that are worldwidely prominent researchers in their fields of specialization.

National Accounts Statistics

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