Nuevas revistas-e de Ciencias

Se han incluido en Sabio las siguientes revistas electrónicas:

Journal of Biosafety and Biosecurity: is an open access journal that publishes research articles, short communications, event reports, opinions, letter to editors, reviews and editorial comments in all aspects of biosafety and biosecurity, including laboratory management and infectious disease which could threat social stability. The objective of this journal is to promote global biosafety and biosecurity awareness and facilitate the development and appropriate practices.

Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society. Series B. Applied mathematics

Neuron Glia Biology: Recognising the importance of two-way communication between neurons and glia, this journal fills a growing need to bridge what are traditionally regarded as separate scientific disciplines. It publishes original research on cell-cell interactions in the nervous system, using molecular, biochemical, electrophysiological, and imaging methods to investigate interactions among neurons and among glia, and between neurons and other non-neuronal cells

The Condor: publishes original research, syntheses, and assessments focusing on the application of scientific theory and methods to the conservation, management, and ecology of birds; and the application of ornithological knowledge to conservation and management policy and other issues of importance to society. The Condor has been published continuously since 1899. The journal holds an Impact Factor of 2.722, making it the top-ranked journal in the field of ornithology.

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